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The HD webcam Riga shows the wide Daugava River with many bridges connecting the two banks of the river.

Towering spires reflect in the water, creating the impression that the old heritage of the city is still very much alive.

After WW1, Riga was casted under German rule which lasted until the end of WW2 when it was recaptured by the Soviet army.

Latvia became independent in 1990 and became an increasingly popular tourist destination.

In 1282, Riga formed part of the Hanseatic League, a move that was instrumental in providing the city with economic and political stability which can still be observed in modern times.

Still, from the 1500’s to the early 20th century, the city of Riga was passed around between various countries, including Lithuania and Poland as well as Sweden and Russia in more recent historical times.

With the Christianization of Latvia, Bishop Albert of Livonia was appointed as bishop over Riga.

He was responsible for the fortification and development of the town.

As the capital of Latvia, it is the political, economic and the cultural center of Latvia.

Riga has grown to be a popular tourist destination in recent years.

The event starts in the first half of the day: the solemn procession and laying flowers at the Freedom monument in Riga center, that you can see on our web camera online.

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