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Let me help you with them ..." "Nikki, I can't do this, I love your sister ..." The beautiful Nikki ignored me, took my huge cock into her mouth and began going back and forth.

"Nikki, oh my god Nikki, please slow down, I'm going to cum ..." I just haven't had any thing other than a pussy for a long time, and the young and fresh and warm mouth of Nikki just brought me an unbelievable sense of horniness. I knew my sister was more attractive than me, but now I'm a grown up woman. Sebatian, I love you, and I just want you to be happy.

"Nikki, do you know what we're doing ..." I tried to stay sane, but Nikki didn't give me a chance to. I'll call you master, let me be your sex toy, sex slave ..." I couldn't help anymore, screw my wife.

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"ahhhh ..." Nikki moaned, "Sebatian, master, it feels so good, let me serve you, come on and make me dirty. AHHHHHHHHHHH ..." Nikki screamed as I thrusted my huge cock through her virgin pussy, so warm, so tight, and so juicy.

"AHHHHHH ..." she kept screaming with tears coming down her baby face, I hesitated for a second, but Nikki caught a breathe and said, "don't stop Sebatian, don't bother about my pain, you don't have to respect me, I just want to let you do whatever you want to me ..." All those talks about respect and love Lisa gave me, I felt so humiliated suddenly.

Sign up for free today and chat with dommes online. Male slaves, and sissy males, are in high demand amongst dominatrixes. Others are very particular and like to put their new slaves through rigourous slave training to really tame them.

Dominant women and submissive men go together perfectly. Your mistress will insult you for the worthless man you are even as you are giving your tribute to her.

"Nikki, I ..." She climbed on me and put her finger on top of my lips, "shhh ...

let me help you ..." her soft little hand then began massaging my cock, "oh Sebetian, is my sister not fulfilling your needs?I love you, and I want to do things for you." She said as her angelic face blushes. Thrust your cock into my anus, suck my toes for as long as you want.I was still a bit shock, but Nikki's 18 year old naked body was conquering my mind. Sebatian, whatever need you want, I'm here for you. Femdom can be such a massive turn-on, as nothing makes you feel more special than a dominant woman taking charge and spending some of her valuable time humiliating you.If you want to really meet a dominant woman, Domme is the best place to start. You can find a dominatrix looking for slaves in your local area right now.I decided to play some tennis with Nikki to get my mind off sex. Seeing her in a tight top and tennis short really turned me on, and I had to keep reminding myself that I'm married and Nikki is Lisa's sister. After tennis I went back to my room and start masturbating. Lisa would often stop sex with me because I asked her for dirty things, and I had to jerk off to finish my need.

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