How to stop rosetta stone from updating

Content As you might expect, the Rosetta Stone packages come with a lot of additional extras.Similarly good, the vocal recognition is not bad, and picks up on subtle mistakes that other pieces of software might have missed.It won't let me do anything besides navigate the menus sorry just read the messages.

I tried a few times even other l3 languages and same thing.

Then I tried again just for the hell of it, and it did it, but as you can see from my previous comment, I can't even use it right.

PLEASE SEED TOO MANY PEOPLE ARE DOWNLOADING AND LEAVING. Would I have to uninstall and reinstall everything? Thanks again :) @Judge V: You must have gotten lucky then.

Ihaveaclone, Thanx for the support I'm glad that you are enjoying the torrent Akroscoe, I have created a tutorial that I will upload and share later on about how to install the program and languages. There are emulation program that trick your computer into thinking that I has other drives (like your E drive that reads CDs) these virtual drives read "images" such as . and really dumb question - is seeding the same as uploading? ) *grumble*grumble* hey DEIFIED, beautiful torrent. That said, I'd like to start seeding whenever I can download this one. You all have me convinced that the virus risks are rather low on this website now! Carly I'm sure that it's v3, because I downloaded somebody else's first, and when it didn't work, I tried yours also. I'll wait for you to post your simple instructions, and then I'll tell you if I missed a step or two. on this page click "download this torrent" 4the torrent pops up with the contained files choose "select none" it should be on the right side and center 5. Tried uninstalling Rosetta Stone completely and reinstalling with your Rosetta Stone version. what i mean is did you go to the following places and deleted any RS folders 1.start/my computer/c drive/program files 2.start/my computer/c drive/document settings/all users/application data please note that the "application data" folder is a hidden file. No virus's, just a very simple installation and the video you've uploaded is also very helpful. It appears that you are having problems with the patch.

did you change your folders to "view hidden files" before trying to find the folder in the app data?

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I'm only looking for a way to put in codes for the activations. Manikatti, I am having the same error as you when I go to upload my language. I am also using Vista, has anyone figured this one out yet? I was also never asked to register RS or anything, it just went thru. I swear I probably retried like, ten times already, and they ALL give the same problem.

What exactly did you do other than just install, crack, and install language? If I can't get it solved, I'll just try 3.2, and if that works, I'll stick with it.

There was quite a variety, including Kindle version of Memrise and Duo Lingo. It also had the subtitle and promise of “Learn Like Kids”. Rosetta Stone has been the forerunner of language learning software for most of the last 30 years despite a rather spotty success record among many serious polyglots and amateur learners alike.

One of the biggest claims that has been circulating the language resources arena for a number of years now is the promise that, by using a certain product, we will be learning like we did as children. Languages Around the Globe: Review of Rosetta Stone. Its commercials and other successful marketing strategies have made it a popular choice among adult learners and a name that is known nearly everywhere.

Keep it up Deified, good luck with these clowns in the future, and THANK YOU!!!! just a question, why was the iso for the app 314mb, when the content was only bout 150 mb? I am absolutely amazed that you created the RS torrent. It's not even giving me the same screens like what the others get; an activation screen. It just jumps straight to the Install Languages screen. after you uninstalled RS did you do a manual search for left-overs and deleted them? Inside the application data folder there is another RS folder. The RS folder that is within the app data folder has a file named "tracking.db3" that file holds your account and progress. Since you did not delete the RS folder inside the app data folder it did not make a difference how many times you uninstalled/reinstalled. The reason is because the error exists in the /application data/rosetta stone folder. Do what I posted in the previous comment and your problem should be solved Thanks a bunch Deified, tried downloading this before off another upload and never got it to work, but yours works perfectly. DEIFIED , yes i did it and now i did it again , but it still giving me the same thing everytime i launch the program , and its asking me activate now or later i choose activate later but i have access to limited lessons , is there any seial i can use ? thx again 4 the headache am givin u mate Futuretech, No trouble at all.

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