updating ubuntu live cd - How to promote my dating site

The standard flow is still simple : user enters the email address, waits for a confirmation email with a verification link, clicks it and that’s it, conversion finished.

To make it more interesting, I invited an affiliate network that specializes in dating, “Cpamatica.com”, to provide us with some insights from a networks side too.

I sent them quite a few questions, so we get a better understanding of the vertical, how much big affiliates are making, what type of offers makes the most $$$ for them, what GEOs are hot at the moment …

The willingness of users to confirm their email depends on the overall picture of the audience you target for. You will always have a higher conversion rate on desktop offer, compared to mobile offers.

For user it is easier to access the mailbox on the computer. it’s pretty hard to estimate, but we expect 35-50% conversion rate from SOI to DOI at least.

it’s simply the most risky model for them, that’s why they try to be careful.

This is the next step from SOI, one more action is required form the user – email verification.all the information I like to get from affiliate networks.I always love to get info directly from the “horses mouth” so to speak, First of all, we need to define the online dating business itself…SOI leads are very easy to make, and I would suggest to start with these, in case you are new with dating.As you could surely guess, SOI leads are also usually paid the least for.Evgeniy, On the other hand, DOI offers pay significantly more per conversion than SOI offers and it’s also less common to run into lead quality problems with DOI offers.

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