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Those that enjoy historical adventures can explore the country's interesting past, for the outdoorsey-type they can find beautiful places to hike or ski, or for those that want to be pampered there are beautiful health spas that offer hot and cold springs.

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Also, the Easter service includes the ringing of the church bells at midnight.

Another interesting Ukrainian Easter custom is the baking of paska, a round bread with elaborate dough decorations.

In Ukraine, Christmas Eve (January 6th) is the most important part of the Christmas celebration and very much a religious celebration.

The Christmas Eve meal, served in the evening is known as the "Holy Supper", and consists of twelve dishes or courses.

In ancient times many Ukrainians believed that these decorated eggs possessed magical powers and that you could become rich by decorating the eggs with certain symbols.

When the Christian religion was introduced in the Ukraine, the color and decorations on the eggs changed to represent Christianity and the rebirth of man.

Father Frost plays a role similar to that of Santa Claus, accompanied by Little Snowflake they deliver gifts.

In the Ukraine the celebration of Christmas is a very important family holiday, Christmas traditions can vary significantly in different parts of the Ukraine.

Easter is the major Ukrainian religious holiday, but many Easter customs and traditions have combined Christian and pagan practices.

One Ukrainian Easter tradition that has become known worldwide is Pysanky, which is the art of decorating eggs with elaborate designs.

The most popular holiday in Ukraine is New Year's Eve, celebrated December 31st.

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