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Like older Fenders, you really have to pull it apart to ascertain dates. The neck is dated 2/5/81 and the body is dated 2/18/81.

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After the sale, Leo partnered with another longtime associate, George Fullerton, to found G&L Music Sales, Inc., named for George and Leo. If you ordered a custom color, it came on a poplar body.

G&L’s first instruments were the F-100 guitar and L-1000 bass introduced in 1980. The F-100-I and F-100-II (sometimes called the “first series” and “second series”) had different fingerboard radii (71/2″ or 12″), an option Leo developed at Music Man. This actually made things easier because the necks had a neck-tilt adjustment to select the action. All models came with either a fixed bridge or a newly patented adjustable vibrato.

The passive versions gave a standard three-way select plus a phase switch that threw the pickups into a combination out-of-phase middle position.

The active versions added a second “splitter” function, which was a coil tap. To compensate for the loss in bass response, these guitars kicked in some extra bass compensation with the active circuitry.

Looking for a fresh start, Music Man was sold to Ernie Ball, the renowned Hawaiian guitarist and, later, string maven.

Ernie Ball’s Music Man guitars continue to be built to this day.Again, Leo never strayed far from his original creations… All necks were figured maple with either an ebony or maple fingerboard. The biggest distinction, however, was in the electronics, which could be passive or active.All featured new Magnetic Field Design humbucking pickups with two rows of adjustable hexagon-shaped polepieces and ceramic magnets.Fender did not actively promote his involvement with Music Man, but it was never really a secret.The instruments mainly reflected improvements on designs created in Leo’s previous incarnation.You should be able to see it looking through sound hole (actual stamp not label). They were discontinued in '98, and it's tough to tell the exact year. The neck has dot mother of pearl and 12th fret winged inlay with abalone head stock inlay. Bad Poppa said it is a "Herringbone Professional" (Glenbrooke). There are no serialized records so we cannot be more precise.

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