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To do this I need an authorisation code; more on how I sorted that in a moment.

Officially British, Canadian and American tourists cannot get a visa on arrival and can only travel the country with a guide.

It’s fairly straightforward to sort out your Iranian visa before you arrive, you will need an authorisation code (get it here).

I got my first Iranian visa at the embassy in Istanbul; it was a simple enough procedure – I turned up with a couple of passport photos and the authorisation code, more information below, and filled in some forms. It’s recommended to bring records of your trip details: this often includes the name of at least one hotel which you could feasibly be staying at.

To get an Iranian visa on arrival, follow these steps… The details will look something like this Visa Application Form, including the contact details for your address and telephone number in Iran (hotel booking, friend/ family, or travel agency). Be careful with currencies other than Euros or USD otherwise it may cause delay. Copies of your passport and a few passport sized photos are worth having to hand.

1) Iran Health Insurance Cover; either bring a printed copy of your health insurance or get one at the airport for around €15. The whole process can take between 1-4 hours depending on the airport and terminal passenger flux.

It is useful to have the telephone number and name of somebody within the country.

The airport immigration may make a few phone calls to validate your local contact or they may let you sail through; reports are mixed. 4) Pay the Visa Charge at the next counter, it’s around €75 for Europeans or €50 if you have an MFA Code. Patiently answer any questions about why you are visiting Iran.

You could book a cheap, one day tour, in order to get your authorisation code.

You could then apply for your visa and cancel the tour…

There are also VIP buses with huge padded seats and plenty of leg-room, for a long journey it might be worth the upgrade.

By train: I caught a train from Bander Abbas up to Yazd and it was a pretty interesting experience.

Whilst on my first trip in Iran, I met a girl and we travelled together across Pakistan and India before doing a U-turn and hitchhiking back to Iran.

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