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Cosmo's Editor, Louise, just walked past the desk and said, 'Not the numbers rant again, Rosie.' She knows us so well. She knows her OH's number but it doesn't bother her in the slightest and they only had the conversation when he brought it up (after they'd been together for two years! Because come on, we all know there's a big dirty double standard under our duvet: the age-old argument that men think they can sleep around but when a women does it, well, that's a different story.

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Seriously, we've not been this divided since somebody brought up Lana Del Rey.

Or when we decided whether or not it's cool to eat noodles for breakfast (it's not).

But while we may have a woman president come November, the study (and the rest of the world) suggests women are still afraid of being perceived as sluts.

According to the numbers, women are 5% more likely than men to decrease the number of sexual partners they've had -- while men inflate their sexual resumés twice as often as women.

In today's papers, 'the number chat' has reared its confusing head once again. According to a survey by dating site, Seeking Arrangement, 50% of both men AND women don't want a new partner who has slept with more than 10 people. if a perfectly lovely bloke has slept with 11 women, he's somehow less desirable? Does one extra person on his list change our perception of a new beau?

76 HOT NEW SEX FACTSAdmittedly, I would be para if I discovered a new man was into, say, triple figures.You’re at a bar talking to a girl you really like and think “she’s totally into me. You: Can I get your number so we can hang out again some time? I freeze up, get nervous and give out my phone number feeling guilty the whole time. It’s what all of my girlfriends do and what most women in the world do. The real success is when you actually get that women to answer the phone and go out on a date. 5 hours of real women being blunt and honest and revealing what really goes on in their heads. So I usually continue talking because I am enjoying myself and then the awkward moment comes when they ask for my number. So basically what I am telling you is that a number doesn’t mean a success. If you want to learn all of the above then you should definitely check out The Wing Girl Methods newest program What’s Inside A Woman’s MInd? Pass this article onto your friends because this is real information every man should know.It makes sense; if your sexual past is going to drive you apart, best to have that happen before you get too attached -- or worse, move in.If it's your partner doing the sharing, remember you can rest assured that, should they say that magic number seven, they're almost definitely stretching the truth.Deputy Features Director, Rosie, is obsessed with her number.

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