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I am in Medicine hat right now for business and they are having a Geochaching event at one of the parks here.

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We even place bets on what the loser has to do for the winner. They also have an app that takes all the planning out and makes geocaching easier. Choose a name for the cache and put contents in it that will you know your husband will like, maybe a little love note!

Sometimes the loser does dishes for a week or maybe the winner gets to pick the movie on the next movie night. Unlike just regular hiking, Geocaching turns hiking into a game, and geocaching can also be done anywhere from way out in the boondocks to on a city street. Making It Special I’ve listed a couple more ideas that can make an outdoor adventure just a little more interesting: -Double date or group date and divide into teams to geocache -Do guys vs girls teams (this may not seem like a date but it can add a lot of fun between you and your spouse to tease, flirt and add some competition) -Pack a lunch to picnic on the way -If you don’t want to picnic, continue the date by grabbing a bite to eat at a restaurant close by.

I know this should be done on a website but I don't have the savvy or desire to learn how to set up a website at this point in time.

That's the best I have to offer, RRMaybe there should be a POF caching event.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. I bought a GPS unit about a year ago and have yet to use it for anything useful. Perhaps when summer finally arrives someone can set up a POF geocaching event? But that's a good thing because I'm always outside, getting excercise and sun and seeing amazing places that I never knew were there.

Just a thought here but, Since we are mostly from Edmonton and Calgary, it could perhaps involve all the places in between. Anyone in Victoria want to join me, send a message, I usually end up going alone so company would be a good thing. I have never tried geocaching; I have a GPS that I use when hiking, so this could be a blast, a day out searching for the elusive treasure!! I would be interested in doing this, let me know if someone sets something up. 1) Get a Tupperware type container, include some kind of trinket, hide the container out of 'normal' view (under a log, in the end of a pipe, under a rock etc.).

We’ve been on many adventures together and they are always a blast! Well, it isn’t your typical “Dinner and a Movie” type date.

His adventurous spirit was one of the things that attracted me to him and it’s still one of my favorite characteristics about him.

a couple of friends of mine were into geocaching a couple of years ago...

quickly got bored with it because he would leave cool stuff like vintage pez dispensers and would find juicy fruit gum.

I've tried to confirm some localities by latitude and longitude, knowing pretty much exactly where they are..according to the map that location is in the middle of a lake.

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