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This chatroom is designed to give emotional support to women who may be put-off from reaching out for help because they believe that support services are tailored for men.At Gam Care, we offer support for anyone affected by problem gambling, and we want to reassure women that we can help them too.It could just be hard talking to strangers who don’t ‘get’ it.

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Over the last 7 years, our consultants help those, who faced bullying and violence because of their sexual and/or gender identity, those, who suffer from ridicule and threats.

Starting from 2015 in addition to the phone helpline we also launched a chatroom.

However, some people find accepting their sexual orientation and/or gender identity difficult.

If you’re LGBTI (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex*), Takatapui or Fa’afafine, Asexual, or if you don’t identify with the traditional definitions of ‘man’ or ‘woman’ you may be more prone to being labeled, made fun of or abused.

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GAPSA Family Resource Center Applying to Grad School at Penn More Activities » More Facilities » More Resources » The Grad Center Community Impact Fund was designated by the Provost's Office to support graduate student initiatives and activities that build a community of mutual respect and intercultural understanding on campus.

In particular, activities that address racial, cultural, or gender-based bias are to be supported with this fund.

Penn Museum Family Programming Families can create fun memories in the Penn Museum’s international galleries with a lineup of engaging programs geared toward visitors of all ages. For the most updated information on family programs offered at the Penn Museum, and for online pre-registration (required for some programs) visit the Museum’s website:museum/calendar.

All these pressures can make life really stressful, and affect other things like school, sleep and your appetite.

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