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There are no changes in prices for food and drinks.

- Some changes in the oil and machinery prices, boss. I quote the prices and we decide to increase the volume of our transactions in oil and machinery.

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Now, look, Linda I need information on our latest transaction in Guatemala.

Two hundred and twenty-six, four thousand five hundred and sixty-eight pounds ten shillings and three pence, May the fifteenth, nineteen forty-eight.

Exchange brokers and dealers deal in foreign exchange (Forex) transactions.

The international currency market consists of a net of international banks.

: There are som new figures on my computer's display.

There are also a few changes in prices for clothes and footwear.

You know, we r signing a contract with Lincoln Freight on Wednesday Linda: Wednesday.

It's about our bank's Letter of Credit dated July the fourth and August the thirteenth.

Very few countries do not take part in international business.

Both countries profit by these import-export transactions.

- Is there anything new in the market today, Norman?

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