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he said curious to know why this handsome stranger had chosen to refer to him that way. His tone had no hint of mockery and Sam even thought he heard a bit of flirtatiousness. His experiences with other men especially one specific man- had given him the confidence to go after what he wanted.

Sam said, confident in the fact that he had a great ass. Hed had enough experience to know want he wanted, what he was good at, and what he was willing to do for the right man.

With a slap on Sams buttocks she sent him out the door knowing that she had fed his ego enough to not have to be bothered with him for the rest of night. Sam thought the bald head made him much more handsome than a head full of thinning hair would have. The man said, choosing to refer to Sam by his chosen outfit.

Now in close proximity Sam was able to check this fellow bike enthusiast out. He looked to be in his mid to late thirties and had a completely shaved head which actually looked good on him. Yeah, well I dont know your name but Ive seen you around here before.

He walked closer and stood intimidatingly close to Sam. On all fours with his naked butt in the air and his shorts around his ankles.

His thought about how he must have looked on his knees behind some shrubbery on a bike trail.

He pulled out a black form-fitting shirt with a collar and a pair black spandex shorts. As he neared the end of his ride however, he noticed a large man sitting/leaning against one of concrete tables at the exit of the trail head he had just completed.

Many people would consider these shorts as underwear but there were many others including Sam who saw them as perfectly acceptable outer garments when engaging in physical activity. The man seemed to be looking in his direction and as Sam drew closer he decided that now might be the perfect time for a little break before riding home.

His biceps stretched the fabric of his tight black shirt and his shorts, stopping well above the knee, showed powerfully thick thighs. It was sexy and scary at the same time and the excitement made Sams heart pound.

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