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If you must use different cameras, try to use the same brand.

In some cases, using different cameras will be unavoidable.

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Software switchers are usually integrated into live streaming applications like OBS Studio, Wirecast, v Mix, and others.

These applications are installed on a computer, and can then be controlled via a standard mouse and keyboard interface. However, if you do use a software switcher, make sure you install it on a powerful computer.

That’s because you can prepare and test effects on a given source when it’s offline.

Meanwhile, another source can be used as the main broadcast source.

TV stations, cable channels, and well-produced internet broadcasts all use multiple sources for better communication and greater aesthetics.

Using multiple sources for streaming also makes it easier to add effects.For example, you can use pre-recorded video clips within a live stream.Cutting to these pre-recorded clips mixes up the visual experience.As live streaming becomes more accessible, many users are looking for a way to spice up their broadcasts.It’s easy enough to start using free services and simple equipment, but how can you take things to the next level?Those drones (participating in the halftime show) can be seen in this shot: For an example of a live streaming equipment setup for multi-camera streaming, check out this tutorial.

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