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She was busy massaging my scalp in the washbasin and had to have the manager hold the phone to her ear while talking.

While I could only hear half the conversation, it seemed very strange.

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The women were scantily clad in various fetish attire, short skirts, revealing tops, provocative stockings, or any number of attractive outfits that matched their taste and personality.

The lobby had a pool table and a small open bar along with various men's magazines varying from Sports Illustrated to GQ, to Maxim and Playboy.

While trying to be as polite as possible without getting too nosey, I couldn't help but pester her for details on the one-sided conversation.

She finally relented and explained the situation to me.

Shortly thereafter my appointment was over and I told her she would have to tell me all about her birthday surprise next month.

As usual, I arrived the first Friday of the month, to chat with the Awesome Ally and get the dish on the mystery gift from last month.

So I thought I would change the subject and ask her about the package which she immediately clammed up about. I tried to make small talk throughout the appointment, but clearly she was a different person.

The outgoing, social butterfly I had come to know and lust after had been squashed.

The collar stood about an inch or two tall and looked very expensive and decorative rather then bulky and punishing like a typical stereotypical collar would be.

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