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According to the newspaper Legal Daily, some lenders sell the nude pictures for 30 yuan at a time, even after they receive all their money.A female student told Beijing Youth Daily that she sent nude pictures to numerous lenders to raise 120,000 yuan to start a business.I won't lie and say that Momo guarantees you (though once you learn the ways, .

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In the message, the loan shark was threatening to send the picture to the girl’s parents if she didn’t pay the money back.

Many Chinese students find it difficult to get loans as the government is only able to provide limited support. Why are you spending money that you have no ability to earn?

An eight gig file with pictures of more than 1,000 women was shared among Chinese internet users this week, reports

The horrific practice is being done through Jiedaibao, a peer-to-peer lending platform where people can broker their own deals - but it is not known who leaked the pictures.

The pictures are transferred through two popular messaging apps, QQ and Wechat.

Li Li told Southern Metropolis Daily that she owes the loan sharks 55,000 yuan.

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