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Most of our Writing Fix professional development workshops challenge teachers to "make and take" a new lesson to bring back to their classrooms for trying out with their own students.True enough, Writing Fix provides a plethora of quality lessons that are ready-to-use, and teachers sometimes don't see the point in making something new when so many resources already exist, but we really believe in the importance of every teacher still designing something for themselves.

When it is time to write something persuasive, challenge your students to remember Pitts and Reilly's styles. NNWP Consultant, Karen Mc Gee, says that you can't teach a student to have voice; the best you can as a teacher is give your students lots of opportunities to "try on the voices of others." This makes sense.

Artists find their own style by sketching the work of favorite artists.

Peterman Clothing Catalogue, students create Peterman-style catalogue entries for their own favorite pieces of clothing.

Challenge students to "Convince the reader to want to buy your clothes." Have your students combine all of their writing pieces in one document to create a class catalogue.

In groups of four, our participants revisit the "Snow" chapter during class several times.

Each group becomes responsible for making two posters inspired by the skills of voice (or word choice or sentence fluency, two traits we believe build a foundation for voice).

If a teacher uses one of the three templates below to write-up a mentor text-inspired lesson that we can feature here on this page, we will send you one of our left-over copies. Lessons or inquiries can be directed to this e-mail: [email protected] invite you to freely use this page's resources in your own classrooms, and ask that, if you are sharing these materials with fellow colleagues, you visit our permissions page to make sure you are not infringing on our copyright. What we've learned is that there must be a strong foundation of other writing skills in place before asking students to write something persuasive.

Without the foundation, the persuasive writing your students will do will be flat and uninteresting.

, students impersonate the description by applying Steinbeck's paragraph's style and sentence structures to a different setting, creating one-paragraph setting descriptions that attempt to "paint with words" a setting.

Challenge students to "Convince your reader to want to visit the location by writing about it so well." Find several content-appropriate columns by these two writers, both of who have strong opinions about contemporary topics. Analyze the stylistic elements in the writing and challenge your students to "try on" these styles the next time they do a quick-write.

Here are ways to receive updates and keep in touch: Facebook -------- Pinterest -------- Twitter The Northern Nevada Writing Project--sponsors of this Writing Fix website--hosts an annual workshop on the topic of persuasive writing.

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