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Basically Ben tells her she smiles too much and asks her to cry.Caila tells him she’s not going to cry on the spot. He asked her to elaborate, meaning he didn’t understand what she said. Regardless, Ben offers her the rose and she accepts while I take a break to solve a Rubik’s Cube because I feel really stupid after watching that. Ben.”This means the twin who didn’t get sent home and Olivia, this season's “mean girl,” have the two-on-one date, which should be good because they despise each other.

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I am concerned that I might vomit watching this, but for the sake of this recap I power through. Apparently the date is to feed the swimming pigs hot dogs, which basically means they’ll be feeding pigs other pigs while they’re playing in water filled with pig sweat, breath and feces.

I can’t think of anything I would hate more than this, and I hate a lot of things.

He tells her they will spend the day deep-sea fishing, and I am concerned because if Caila catches anything, it will likely pull her overboard since she’s miniature.

On her “first try,” Caila catches a shark that is bigger than both of them.

She “cries” before saying she doesn’t want to talk about it to the women, but “I’m going to marry Ben Higgins and if you don’t believe me, come at me, bro” is how she explains it to the cameras.

When we finally get to the rose ceremony, Jennifer, the “small-business owner” who likely sells statement Etsy jewelry from her kitchen, is eliminated.He responds with, “Can you make the most of today with me, please?You wouldn’t be here if I didn’t want you to be,” which makes her even more emotional.is and I now know that is the reason she is single — straight dudes don’t want to gossip and she can’t stop.As soon as I type that, Ben tells the camera, “I was hoping that Leah came here to make the most of our time together but all she wants to do is talk about Lauren B.At the beginning of the episode, we are made privy to the private conversation Ben requested of Olivia, this season’s “mean girl,” at the end of last week.

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