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Even though Emily confessed that she was making the whole thing up, Joan was executed. ' " and aired on 1st March 1972 under the title "The Caterpillar". Six magistrates and four ministers of the gospel arrested the old woman and tried her for witchcraft.

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After all, it's the perfect place to bury his wife, isn't it? --- Robert Mayer Seems like I've heard this story many times before. [5/10] --- z M —shackled, strait-jacketed and dumped in the ocean.

See also: "Three O'clock" ( Opening: "[Holmes muttering] ...seventeen short, swift days and you'll be forty, Robert Holmes. His wife is tired of hearing about it and plans to sabotage his escape from a potentially watery grave.

This is the story of Fellini's greatest, most baffling, escape...

his Last escape." --- the narrator Reviews: The plot's nothing new, but what makes this work is the acting at the conclusion.

They stood over their victim and seemed smugly satisfied with their efforts.

Then the woman put the screen in front of Fellini's bound body.

In less than a minute the screen was thrown aside by Fellini, the Escape Artist Supreme...." "Fellini had done it again.

But it is not with past triumphs that we're concerned.

Emily bit her and, out of spite, pretended that the old woman was turning her into a cat.

This tale touched a personal phobia of mine and had me cringing as each new detail unfolded, but if you don't share this phobia, you'll probably rate this episode lower. [9/10] --- z M Clara explains to her lover that she cannot marry because she is cursed. She tells the story of how, in Salem in 1692, an old woman named Joan Bathfield tried to befriend a young girl named Emily.

There's only one supernatural moment here, but it's enough to set off not only one terrifying ending, but two.

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