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However, it's best not to get too adventurous especially where your company prohibits such alliances.

Another downside to meeting and dating your colleagues is that if you tend to date women mostly from work, then you may end up being labeled as desperate by your female co-workers.

There is often wine and cheese, and all kinds of great places to start conversations. Probably not your first choice of what to do with spare time. Most guys out there aren't thinking this one either.

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When I first decided that I was going to get this area of my life called "women and dating" handled, I started out by going to a lot of bars and clubs. The more bars I went to, and the more women I met at these bars, the more I began to realize that the woman of my dreams probably wasn't running around inside of one of them.

My thinking was that this would be where all the hot young babes were. My experience has shown me that a lot of beautiful women go to trendy bars and clubs to get attention and have men buy them drinks.

So the bottom line is, if you go to these places to meet women, don't do it with any preconceived notions or expectations.

In such situations, it's always best to play it by the ear and you might actually find something a lot more meaningful than a one night stand.

It is when you are at these places, that you have a better chance of really "meeting" women.

These places include your local clubs and bars where it goes unsaid that just about anyone who comes in is interested to meet a person from the opposite sex.

To be fair, I have met a few really wonderful girls at bars and clubs, but for the most part this is really one of the WORST places to get started.

Sure, after you become the Mac Daddy of all time, and you have skills that James Bond would envy, you'll have a lot of fun meeting women at bars and clubs.

The women will be stopping in for refreshments after working out.

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