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I suffer from insomnia, disorientation/confusion, pain, and nausea daily, which is some from the meds.

and denied me LTD due to not enough medical info to support my claim regardless of further testing being scheduled to determine the etiology of my pain.

I have been unable to stand or walk for any significant amout of time and still have severe low back pain. Cigna stated that MRI done on 12/9/10 was unremarkable even though it did show a re herniation of disc that was involved in surgery.

I have been prescribed Namenda, which gave me severe side effects.

I suffer daily with dizziness and vertego, with episodes of falling.

The only thing you can do at this point is to continue to send in every single medical record you have and call the carrier every day for a status.

If your claim is denied, then you will have the right to file an appeal and then sue them.Your condition seems verys serious and it appears that CIGNA will continue to pay you despite their delay.Hello, I have had chronic back pain for years and recvd treatment for over a year of injections, chiro, etc.From our law firm’s experience, Cigna is very careless in their review of a disability claim and will often deny disability benefits without physically examining the claimant.Additionally, they rely on unauthorized video surveillance of a claimant in order to prove that a claimant should be able to return to work.A majority of the Cigna disability denials come when the definition of disability changes from “own-occupation” to the “inability to perform any gainful occupation”.

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