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After spending an hour on the phone I was told my account wont be credited until they receive the item back.

Selling the garb you are selling does not promote that!

Reply On December 30th I went to a Macy’s store in south Salt Lake valley to purchase a pair of jeans.

Today she finally had to CALL them in person and they will still not exchange the item or even provide her a credit on the card she used to purchase.

They say they can only MAIL a gift card and we can reorder.

Islam is a set of ideas that simply cannot hold its own in an argument.

If one decides to come to the United States of America for a better way of life, then that person needs to ASSIMILATE.

The originator of this set of ideas had sex with a 9 year old girl, slit the throats of two poets for writing negative verses about him, enslaved thousands of people, raped hundreds of women, ordered the murder of 800 unarmed people, and led twelve armed military actions.

Since that time the people who follow his ideas have carried out more than ten thousand jihads which have resulted in the deaths of eighty million Hindus, sixty million Christians, ten million Buddhists, and over one hundred and twenty million Africans.

Not only does the hijab show the oppression of women, but it also is a sign that islam is an increasing threat to the Democratic way of life in our country. Look at the middle-east and what it is doing to Europe. Islam is a set of ideas and Muslims are people who follow those ideas.

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