Dealing with trust issues dating

I had no idea people experienced what I experience daily.

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It has given me answers to questions I have had for most of my life and, in so doing, has brought about a lot of positive changes for me.

I feel validated and understood and overwhelmingly relieved to learn that I’m not crazy after all.

I do not exaggerate when I say that this one book has taught me more about myself … and the ways in which shame has affected every aspect of my life than anything else I have read.

It has given me hope and inspired a better future for myself.

I’ve read Brene Brown’s work, which is research based and good and Darlene Lancers’ book offers so much more insight and practical guidance mined from her years of experience as a therapist.

If you want to have healthier relationships and live a happier life, this book is a great tool!If you are seeking understanding about codependency, or understanding yourself or a loved one, this book has everything you need. That was the best Kindle purchase I’ve ever made July 21, 2016 By Amazon Customer It’s like the author looked into my soul and wrote a book about me.I just finished chapter 2 and have already written 27 pages of notes…This book is giving me a bit of hope as I can relate to every single word it says.The majority of the book is devoted to healing and lays out a clear plan for recovery with exercises, practical advice, and helpful daily reminders to help you know, honor, protect, and express yourself.It clarifies deep psychological dynamics that underlie codependency, yet is written in a conversational style that’s easily understandable by everyone.A Life Changing Liberating Book April 21, 2015 By Chartered Psychologist (England) I recently found this brilliant book by Darlene Lancer and quickly realized it is probably the best ‘self-help’ book I have ever read, recommended or used (over a period of 40 years as a Psychologist).

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