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So if you're hanging out with your mutual friends and you don't have any urge to ask how your ex is doing, you're well on your way to being fully moved on.If your ex's hoodie has found its way into your pile of clothes to give to Goodwill, you've probably moved on from that relationship.

I mean even Taylor Swift, breakup songwriter extraordinaire, has written about this specific part of the healing process in her song "All Too Well," where she sings, "I'd like to be my old self again, but I'm still trying to find it." If you feel as if you've found your true self again, you're officially free from your ex.

That’s not the kind of question I should be asking 34 episodes into this show.

If they don’t pique your interest, you’re over them," April Masini, New York based relationship expert and author, tells Bustle.

Sometimes there is an a-ha moment when you realize you've officially moved on from a past relationship. Here are signs that you've officially moved on from your ex, according to relationship experts.

We put a lot of ourselves into our relationships, which is why the process of moving on from an ex can feel like it's taking an eternity.

But like the relationship that ended, your phase of getting over the loss of that relationship won't last forever.

"That's why having a new partner with 'matching baggage' is a great way to find compatibility.

Two people who've been through divorces often help each other heal, while forging a new relationship."If you're ready to start dating again in a non-rebounding capacity, you're likely finishing up your process of moving on, and your new partner may play a key role in helping you get over your last relationship completely.

"You can begin to like people again and have positive things to say about love and its possibilities."After a breakup, it's hard to hold yourself accountable for any role you played in the relationship ending.

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