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The Pirate: A painter named Ted Cavanaugh (Sonny Bono) becomes a pirate in order to win back his wife Mary (Diana Canova) before she remarries.

The Beachcomber: Under tremendous pressure from his family and job, Charles Preston (John Astin) lives out his fantasy of being a beachcomber.

Voodoo: Amnesiac Jane Howell (Lauren Tewes) turns to a voodoo practitioner to find out if she is a missing heiress.

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The Tomb: An archaeologist named Neville Marlowe (Barry Sullivan) is determined to uncover the secrets of a long-buried Egyptian tomb, unaware that it is cursed.

I Want to Get Married: A Pennsylvania librarian, Cindy Barker (Meredith Mac Rae), is set to have a wedding on Fantasy Island where the final component is a groom.

The Last Whodunit: Mabel Jarvis (Celeste Holm) is a devoted fan of a mystery writer; she tries to find out who killed her by acting out the writer's final manuscript.

Best Seller: A book store clerk named Barney Hunter (Desi Arnaz Jr.) wants to write a best-selling book, which soon becomes an obstacle to romance.

Double Your Pleasure: An Alaskan oil pipeline worker named Larry Barbour (Ken Berry) wins a date with two gorgeous women named Dina and Nina Mc Kay (both portrayed by Caren Kaye), who are twin sisters.

Call Me Lucky: Career gambler Harry Beamus (Richard Dawson) dreams of winning every game he plays until a monkey wrench in the form of his son Joey (Brad Savage) is thrown into his plans.

Anniversary: Tom Elgin (Ronny Cox) and Toni Elgin (Lucie Arnaz) are drifting apart, so they plan to relive their marriage in hopes of patching it up.

King for a Day: A plumber named Ernie Miller (David Doyle) has a fantasy in which he is a king who is challenged with diplomatic problems and a queen who has a secret.

This is a list of episodes for the 1977–84 television series Fantasy Island.

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