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On a global scale, there are countless sub-categories covering millions of businesses in the ecommerce industry.The largest and most successful ecommerce companies in the world include Amazon, Facebook, Google, Priceline Group, e Bay, Netflix, and Groupon.

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This screenshot of a recent listing of for sale on e Bay (400KB) is just one example of how unsuited the e Bay platform is for websites.

There are furthermore a few key issues to consider based on the feedback we’ve had from Flippa users.

Anyone who is familiar with these companies already knows how ecommerce businesses work.

Information, products, and/or services are provided in exchange for site members or customers.

With so many options for financial success, you really owe it to yourself to buy an ecommerce business today.

Hardly a week goes by without someone on a forum, blog or social network asking whether or not it is worth selling or buying websites for sale on e Bay. I just sold a pair of old bedside tables on e Bay for a good price and the buyer picked them up on the weekend. However, while they are strong in some areas, it blows my mind how anyone can think that it would be a good idea to sell websites on e Bay!

It may seem like making the decision to buy an ecommerce business is like diving into shark-infested waters.

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