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Pattern number datemarks begin with 0001 during the early Spode period.

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The processes for underglaze and overglaze decoration were very different.

Overglaze "bat printing" on earthenware was a fairly straightforward process, and designs in a range of colours including black, red and lilac were produced.

The firm was bought by William Copeland and Thomas Garrett in 1833 before a merger in 1976 created Royal Worcester Spode.

Portmeirion Group bought the pottery company in 2009.

These marks are divided into four main categories, including early Spode from 1770 to 1833, Copeland & Garrett from 1833 to 1847, WT Copeland from 1847 to 1970 and Spode from 1970 to 2014.

The word England is on all Spode pottery made after 1890.

Continue Reading A single letter on top of two digits indicates the month and year of manufacture.

For instance, the letter J over the number 96 means the piece was made in January of 1896.

Blue underglaze transfer became a standard feature of Staffordshire pottery.

Spode also used on-glaze transfers for other wares.

Underglaze "hot-press" printing was limited to the colours that would withstand the subsequent glaze firing, and a rich blue was the predominant colour.

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