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Too short or narrow and the condom could break under the strain; too big and it can slip off, leaving users exposed to STIs and risking pregnancy.

Boon advises using a water-based lubricant to prevent friction even if the man is wearing the correct size, to prevent the condom from being damaged and to make sex more pleasurable for both partners.

The issue lies in the perception that they abound and that if you don't have one you're abnormal, alone. I think a lot of that desire comes from wanting to perform like porn star who do have bigger penises than normal.” “The reality is, having a bigger penis does make having sex more complicated and there is a high chance you could hurt the other person if you don’t use enough lubrication, and it can be quite intimidating for some women." He’s certainly not alone in his concerns, as the frankly named The Big Dick Problems forum on community website Reddit lays bare.

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“At that time no other condom company offered different sized condoms, it was a ‘one size fits all’ range from all manufacturers.

Unfortunately condoms are not a ‘one size fits all’ product as some people prefer them tight, some prefer more room, and some are just plain bragging!

“On one occasion a manager at the supermarket had to be called to open up the security box, and after a minute or so of struggling and then getting other co-workers to help, a large queue had formed behind me and people were getting annoyed.

By this time everyone behind me had seen what was causing the problem and some made comments.” Kerry Martin, a pharmacy dispenser in Brighton, is all too familiar with the tactics of red-faced condom buyers. Trust me, there are far more embarrassing things you could buy and we literally don't blink an eye at someone buying condoms." It begs the question then, is such deep anxiety around sexuality and size merely down to social pressure, or is there an underlying biological or medical cause that men should be worried about?

They were always far too loose and once one came off, getting left behind, they just caused even more anxiety. “I remember reading an article on penis size and seeing a diagram of an average erect penis, and mine was bigger by three or so inches,” the 27-year-old professional from London recalls. One of my closest friends once found a pack of XL condoms in my room, and then we briefly discussed the matter.

It isn't easy to be sexy while you're groping around trying to ensure the condom stays on.” “Every guy on the internet is at least 7" it seems. I won't deny it.” “Initially it felt deeply shaming [to admit to having a small penis]. It’s definitely not something I would discuss with friends or brag about.

According to the NHS the average penis size in the UK is between 5.5 - 6.3 inches (14 to 16cm) when erect, and 4.7 to 5.1 inches (12 - 13cm) in girth, or circumference.

In turn, newly fitting condoms have ushered in a new level of anxiety for males, both with bigger and smaller penises.

I only would buy them in the supermarket as I can hide it amongst my shopping and I can be more discreet about them.” “The embarrassment comes from what other people might be thinking, or the idea that it’s some kind of ploy to flirt with the cashier in some weird way".

In a cautionary tale against buying big condoms that others might scoff at, he says the fiddly security boxes on condoms are a larger man’s worst nightmare.

(And as they say, a small condom might be uncomfortable, but nothing kills pleasure quite like an unexpected baby).

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