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Not only is there a northern and southern Doric and a Banffshire and Meams Doric, but also there is a farming and fishing Doric and a now somewhat diluted urban Doric.” “George Abel of Aberdeenshire (1856-1916); brought up on farms in the parish of Kintore; minister of Udny Free Church for 35 years; author of the verse collection ‘Wylins Fae My Wallet’, published 1916.

James Alexander of Ythan Wells, Aberdeenshire; author of ‘Mains and Hilly’, a collection of dialogues in the Aberdeenshire dialect, originally published in the Aberdeen Weekly Free Press and brought out in book form in 1929.

But though this was so, the words that come from later stages in their respective languages make it quite clear that they all come from one original source.

But somewhere in the great plain that runs across all Europe and half Asia this people were to be found, and men in modern times call it for want of a better name, the Indo-Germanic people.

The name is clumsy and ugly, and in a sense is unhistorical.

Greek and Latin and other languages agreed in using for There were a great many other changes of this kind.

Large numbers of examples of these changes began to be collected about a hundred years ago, and a general statement was drawn up about them in 1822 by a great German scholar, called Grimm, and for this reason this statement has always since been called in this country " Grimm's Law."Why did these people make these curious changes in their language? We may be quite sure that they were not conscious of making them.

He himself spent his working life in farm labour but turned, in due course, to the writing of novels.

He contributed the farming data to ‘Buchan Claik’, while his collaborator, Peter Buchan provided the fishing material.”Many thousands of years ago there lived on the continent of Europe a people which by and by was to play a great part in the history of the world.

A devotee of Hugh Mac Diarmid, her Scots vocabulary, tends to be eclectic, so only the most basic terms are quoted as examples of Angus speech. Director of the European Ethnological Research Centre in Edinburgh, Prof.

Fenton himself a native of Auchterless, has used a farm in that parish as the basis of a study of the words and expressions describing farm equipment and techniques in the second quarter of the twentieth century.

What name this people gave to itself we do not know, what manner of men its members were we do not know, no single word of its language is preserved.

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