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There just isn't the wrought emotional investment that many Asians feel when dating: dating is pretty light-hearted in the United States.

You may find yourself dating a dozen people at one time.

Also, you should recognize that dating is as democratic as everything else in the United States.

Americans don't bring socioeconomic baggage into relationships.

For example, in China, parents frequently meddle in the relationships of their young adult children on the basis that one family is somehow more prestigious or wealthier or better educated, what have you. Two people who are dating are viewed as individuals: who their families are, what money or family history they have, is largely irrelevant.

Dating in your 20's is about having fun, not about trying to find the perfect life partner or finding someone to marry.

Typically, the mating process for bears and beetles begins with the female leaving a scent to attract a male mate.

Squirrels are similar but when the male picks up on the scent, he chases her at mind boggling speeds through trees, then hits his paw against the bark.

Two people can "date," often with purely sexual aims, and neither party needs to be particularly invested in seeing the relationship head towards marriage.

They're really just interested in enjoying one another's company -- and once they stop enjoying each other's company, they move on and find other people.

Female fish flaunt their pelvic fin which attracts males.

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