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The unnamed islet near Yim Tin Tsai, vegetated with dense woodlands, is a popular roosting ground for egrets and herons.

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The nature trail is about 3 km in round-trip distance.

This site is an ongoing project to present and summarize general information about psyllids, their biology, host plant associations and the economic and ecological impact that pysllids have on man-made and natural environments.

Fossils like mollusks, corals, bryozoans, brachiopodas and crinoids have been discovered both in the upper and lower facies.

Judging from the rock facies and their features, as well as the presence of both marine fauna fossils and terrestrial flora fossils, we can make a conjecture that the Permian rocks in Tolo Harbour and nearby regions were formed in a shallow estuary.

The upper facies in the northern part of the island is mainly thick layers of siltstone, sandstone and conglomerate.

Depositional environment is stable and each layer is as thick as 1 metre.The well developed stratification, alternate sandstone and siltstone beddings, as well as cross bedding or flaser-bedding, are evidences of frequent changes in sediment sources and hydrodynamic conditions.All these are characteristics of a shallow estuary environment.Tolo Harbour Formation is a particularly prominent example.This formation is mainly distributed across Tolo Harbour and its environs, such as Ma Shi Chau and Centre Island.Ma Shi Chau presents the sedimentary rocks formed about 280 million years ago; the rocks are the second oldest rocks in the rock region; Lai Chi Chong showcases various volcanic rocks and sedimentary rocks formed about 146 million years ago.

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