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Going on a date on a ladies night (usually on Wednesday) can give you big savings.

Bars and popular nightspots across the city offer special discounts on drinks and food, with some even giving out free drinks and appetisers for ladies.

Whether you're looking to meet new people on a casual basis or seeking a long-term partner, keeping track of your expenses is as important as the dates that you will go out on.

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Don't be afraid to experiment with percentages, depending on what you want to do.

It's also okay to ask your date if they want to split the cost of the outing with you, especially if you've already gone on a few dates with the person.

Such services can also help you discover places you may not have known about, and help you plan an outing according to the budget you have set for yourself.

Credit cards like the ones discussed above can come in handy as well.

You can also check out activities such as museum visits, packages at theatres, even boat rides.

Portals such as Fave (by Groupon) can give you a comprehensive list of activities in Singapore and the discount offers available.

There are several cards which concentrate on dining, such as the Citi Cashback Card and the POSB Everyday Card, or entertainment, like the HSBC Revolution Card.

These cards (and others like them) can offer deep discounts or rich mile awards on dining and entertainment, so you can discreetly reduce the financial burden of these expenditures without making a big display out of it to your date.

If you use plan well, you can effectively cut the cost of your date by up to 50%.

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