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Each lesson is 45 minutes long, and included for each lesson is a complete transcript and an audio copy of the lesson in the MP3 format. These resources are available using the links found on the upper left of each page. He has a richer sense of melody and rhythm in composition than Bach.Please study the book of Revelation carefully, leaving your preconceptions behind. It is the only masterpiece of pure art in the New Testament.

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Revelation forms the basis for virtually all of the predictions by the end-is-near prophets.

Many feel that the Middle East and especially Israel will play a special role in the end of the world.

The 25 lessons on this website are a on the book of Revelation that can be used for self study or to teach the book to others. John has a better sense of the right word than Stevenson.

They begin with a lengthy but vital introduction and then proceed on a verse by verse walk through the entire book. He has a greater command of unearthly supernatural loveliness than Coleridge.

It definitely does not in Matthew 24, and we may discover that it does not in Revelation.

One thing we can say for sure is that Revelation is a book about Jesus.." How can we ever hope to understand this beautiful book if we ignore that clearly stated time frame for its fulfillment?Revelation was written to provide comfort and encouragement to those first century Christians who were being persecuted and killed by the Roman empire.Beautiful in form, in symbolism, in purpose, and in meaning. Most people would tell you that Revelation is all about Heaven, the second coming of Christ, and the end of the world ...Where in Scripture do we find a more vivid and picturesque portrayal of the Christ, Faithful and True, going forth unto victory, seated upon a white horse, arrayed in a garment sprinkled with blood, followed by the armies of heaven? There are as many answers to that question as there are commentators. and perhaps as we study the book we will find that they are right. Not every coming of Christ in the New Testament deals with his final coming at the end of the world.No other part of the Bible has proved so fascinating to commentators, and no other has suffered so much at their hands. A basic principle of Bible study is that we should use the easy verses to help explain the difficult verses. The language in Matthew 24 is the language of judgment, and there are many judgments in the Bible: Sodom, Gomorrah, Egypt, Edom, Tyre, Sidon, Babylon, Assyria, Judah, Israel, Jerusalem, Rome, and the World.

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