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Particularly, Wong saw how male players often benefited the most from playing is for everyone. There are a lot of men out there who are interested in emotional experiences, and the experiences of people who are not like them.

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By the time we were half way through the film; I looked around and could tell that the audience was getting restless.

We talked with a group of viewers after the show and they all had the same comment. And for all the money that they put into getting this film in the theaters, they could have taken that money, gone a distributor and made a deal to use that money for the p & a.

There's also a growing spectrum of visual novels created by indie designs like Christine Love who give players dialogue choices and branching storylines, allowing them to choose and seduce a variety of potential lovers.

Yet these dating sims explicitly "gamify" relationships, constraining explorations of love to the language of traditional game design.

While testing the game out, Wong also saw how, "Couples who played together would have wildly different interpretations on the themes and what was happening in the scenes.

That was really interesting." It could, perhaps, even spark some important conversations about our different understandings of what love means, and how relationships are supposed to work.

As an exploration of one of the most universal experiences ever, the game's wordlessness avoids the trapping that mediums like film or prose are bound to.

Artists have always struggled with capturing the indescribable sensation of falling in love through the limitations of language, for example. "The power of wordless storytelling is that it allows people to interpret the events in their own heads, so they can project their own experiences onto the characters." In one scene, Florence and Krish clearly get into a fight.

I wanted this film to be good because I know that the writer/director worked for about nine years to get this film made. Suddenly, the story line stopped as they cut to another Andy scene, and then started again. We were all rooting for our protagonist to get her girl but every time we were hooked on wanting Campbell to find his girl, it diverted our attention back to the other story.

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