Dating chinese export porcelain

Top quality wares were highly regarded luxury items, and they included tankards and mugs.

dating chinese export porcelain-81

Generally, authenticity is given to an object by an expert in the field.

It is based on that person's credibility in the field, comparison to similar objects, previous ownership (provenance) and documentation.

They needed to be practical, functional utensils, but also beautiful.

When Chinese porcelain reached Europe an ideal match was made.

She is the author of various books, catalogues and articles on Chinese export porcelain, a frequent lecturer on the subject and teaches regularly at Portuguese universities and other institutions.

Rose Kerr is Honorary Associate of the Needham Research Institute in Cambridge, after retiring as Keeper of the Far Eastern Department at the Victoria & Albert Museum.

We feel this is a very important section of our Canton museum.

As long as there have been art and antiques, there have been problems verifying what is authentic.

Be careful that on the bottoms there are not places where names were ground off.

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