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If there is a way out, it is only by the talking it out as a couple, sharing what it is exactly that bothers you, and then you both voluntarily adjusting your behaviour or letting go of specific expectations. Can you see yourself in a happy relationship for the next 5 years? It is up to you two to determine whether your relationship is something that you can to work on, or if you should move on.

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They can only yell at you and point negative in you.

Woman with bad temper is like a toxic chemical which acts like a catalyst to burn all th bridges.

As a husband she will never listen to you pointing the wrong because woman with bad temper have their ego riding on high horses thinking they the know the way of living.

In anger, they will say something out of small pety issues which hurt you in bad way but they will never apologise for the same coz they are not ready to accept that they have an inherent flaw in themselves but they will blame game you that you are wrong.

Coz thiese kind of woman never accept their guilts, they will show love in sometimes and anger on other destryoing every good you build.

They cannot see the wrong they do coz they are brought up in such a environment that they are not taught to accept their flaws.Take note of what the pattern is: is it specific topics that set things off? Sometimes couples have one underlying conflict which until resolved clouds all their interactions.For example, a woman may think that a man is controlling and disrespecting her. opposite core values, opposite attitudes about family, incompatible ideas about respect, etc)?No matter how much you try to understand and contribute to being better yourself or changing yourself ,woman with bad temper will always dig out something and make an issues out of it.A man changing himself for his woman is worlds biggest thing any man can do, but even if that the problems keep coming up then there is no use in staying in the relationship.The second question is why she is this way just with you.

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