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It can mean being subject to a rigid calendar, whether he calls and says, Can we have dinner today in like two hours time? Or he would say, next Friday, or Sunday just have to make time for him, because you don’t know when next he will have time for you.We had to break the relationship because of irreconcilable differences, but we are still good friends..which is a surprise to me, as I never keep friendship with exes.

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When I dated mine, everyone confirmed their thoughts that I am a gold-digger.

He's the cream of the crop, while I'm really below-average in all areas.

We have a mutual friend and I knew he came from a very different background than mine.

Anyway I did not expect the date to go well at all, but here we are still going strong after a month.

He'd rather we always meet up at his place, and I understand that's just more convenient and private, but I can't help feeling small.

I understand this is my insecurity though, and not his fault.Dating a rich guy can mean being bossed over and being called names when you mess up.., he wouldn't mince his words.actually called me stupid and dumb in front of my friends one time.Thankfully, he is not a violent person, otherwise, he probably would have hit me when he lost his temper.He knows I do not have a car, and live in a small room in a shared apartment.So he always picks me up and drops me off, but never comes in my room.And even otherwise he is always more than ready to pay for me all the time, offers help in financial situations and I feel like an ass. Paying for dinner out is worth it to have a beautiful and lively dining companion, as is inviting her to spend winters in the Caribbean on my sailboat because we enjoy the time together, and paying for her daughter to come sailing with us because it makes my lover happy to see her family.

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