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Orpheus’ deeds are not usually condemned or spoken of negatively.This suggests that some forms of magic were more acceptable. 430 BCE) too has ascribed to him marvelous powers associated with later magicians: that is, he is able to heal the sick, rejuvenate the old, influence the weather and summon the dead.

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Pythagoras for example is said to have described Orpheus, as, "the...father of melodious songs." this suggests belief in the efficacy of song and voice in magic.

Orpheus is certainly associated with a great many deeds: the most famous perhaps being his descent to the underworld to bring back his wife, Eurydice.

And on the account of Suetonius, Augustus ordered the burning of 2,000 magical scrolls in 13 BC.

Betz states: "As a result of these acts of suppression, the magicians and their literature went underground.

Examples of this phenomenon are found in the various state and cult Temples, Jewish Synagogues and churches.

These were important hubs for ancient peoples, representing a connection between the heavenly realms (the divine) and the earthly planes (the dwelling place of humanity).

The Greek magical papyri contain many instances of such egyptianizing transformations, which take very different forms in different texts or layers of tradition.

In Greek literature, the earliest magical operation that supports a definition of magic as a practice aimed at trying to locate and control the secret forces (the sympathies and antipathies that make up these forces) of the world (physis) is found in Book X of The Odyssey (a text stretching back to the early 8th century BCE).

This context of magic has become an academic study, especially in the last twenty years.

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