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August 12th - Glee Filming in NYC - Oh so much Monchele, NYC has been so good to us, the videos of Lea and Cory leaving the set together, arms around each other, Lea hugging Cory waiting to cross the street, loving looks, "hold my purse" followed by laughter, holding hands leaving for dinner, filming together, hugging and kissing, being so openly affectionate with each other, the hand kiss, Lea rubbing Cory's back, Cory stroking Lea's hair and all caught on film, not just other people's observations, we got to see it for ourselves!

June 13th - Lea and Cory Leaving Workout - Lea manages to look amazing coming out of the gym seriously how does she do that?!

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The Interwebs are abuzz with dish that Glee stars Lea Michele and Cory Monteith -- perhaps best known as "Finchel" to fans of the series -- are dating in real life.

Reuters Mark Salling, who played badboy Noah "Puck" Puckerman in the hit musicalcomedy "Glee," died Tuesday, several weeks after pleading guilty to possessing child graphy.

The never-before-scene snapshot is labeled "Bleeker St." and dated "2012," presumably taken one year before Monteith suddenly died from a drug overdose at age 31.

Lea and Cory, who met on the set of Over the past week, Michele's childhood and early years in Hollywood has taken center stage on her social media page.

Lea has been dating Zandy, president of clothing company All Year Round, for the last 10 months.

She’s kept her relationship private, sharing very few pictures of them together on social media.

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