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She wrecked me for a long time, and to be honest, the effects probably still linger. And even if they come clean and give you a reason for having done so, you can’t ever really say for sure that they’re telling the truth—since, you know, they’ve already betrayed you in just about the worst way a significant other can and you will never really be able to fully believe another thing they tell you.

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For example, I chose a Fixer-Upper relationship for one Sim, while placing the other in a Soulmates situation.

With the Fixer-Upper, my Sim had a much harder time pulling off risky actions than my Soulmate Sim did.

At the end of each event, you’ll be rewarded with Experience points, relationship points and Sim tickets.

Sim tickets come in handy later for unlocking new playable Sims for your household. If you choose to go down the confrontational route when you introduce yourself to a Sim, you can unlock some interesting story types for them as well.

For romantic relationships, the following options are available: Do Romantic Stories Affect How Sims Act?

As with friendship relationships, the type of story you choose will earn you different kinds of rewards when it is complete, but interestingly, it also plays a role in how your Sims will interact.

There were moments, in fact, where it felt like nothing I could do was right with that chic.

So, to a degree, the story you choose does seem to affect how Sims behave. Just as in real life, relationship types are somewhat fluid.

We’ll also discuss what to do if you Sims want to break up or move on and how it will affect your game.

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