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Shedding in androgenic alopecia can be slowed toward normal and many women get regrowth.

Hair may not be restored to the fullest it ever was but often there is enough improvement to reduce the terrible worry that goes with alopecia.

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Of course, as with any medical treatment, results vary.

Unfortunately, if left alone, alopecia and hirsutism often get worse over time.

Do not let yourself succumb to pessimism about PCOS!

Proper treatment usually can reduce facial and body hair and help scalp hair.I know how hard this is on you, I live it everyday and I’m so sorry for all your sufferings.It is such an awful and unexpected thing to happen, especially when you are still in your 20’s and people can be so unnecessarily cruel. ( Let me tell you what it is for those who don’t know: It’s where you have tumors that grow in your ovaries and can block and prevent your eggs from going through your tubes to make you become pregnant.I part my hair to the left to try to hide it but it doesn’t really work. It made my hair shed more the first week I used it. My Sister is 10 years older then me and She has thin hair but again, You can’t see her scalp. I will have to wait and see what the Dermatologist will have to say. Some make a light giggle like it’s funny and their better, some make bald jokes that seem like their not referring to you but you feel like they are, It’s hard to get a Job, It makes the people who are close to you to not what to look you in your eyes cause they don’t want to hurt you by looking. I was diagnosed with PCOS in 2005, As well with border line Diabetes. (Which means slow down the process.) People can’t catch this by people who have PCOS. At that time, My hair was starting to receive in the front and lightly shedding. I asked her if there was any vitamins or anything she can treat me for it. Cause my Father lost all the top of his hair by the time he hit 28.

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