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When Caroline left, their house descended into chaos, and so did his life.” Fitzpatrick remembers where he was when he heard of Lynott’s death, in England.

The singer, who had collapsed after a drink and drug binge, was admitted to hospital on Christmas Day 1985 with a serious kidney and liver infection. “I was with friends sitting in the Bailey, having an after-Christmas drink,” says Fitzpatrick.

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“As a rock star he was the ultimate showman,” says Fitzpatrick.

“He loved the attention – even walking from Neary’s to the Bailey. He’d fly into Dublin Airport, be driven into town, dropped off at the bottom of Grafton Street, and he’d get out and walk around, just to get the vibe. It wasn’t that he felt he had conquered it, but he absorbed the energy.

And it was such positive energy that I think it kept him alive for a long time.” It took until 1976, when became a hit in Ireland, the UK, Canada and the US, for Thin Lizzy to exchange pints of Guinness for bottles of champagne.

Before that they’d had a succession of moderate Ireland-only hits and coverage in niche publications.

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