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The spokesperson said this convoluted policy resulted from a consultation with stakeholders in 1997, where people were so opinionated that no consensus could be reached.

(The spokesperson did say that ISO 8601 dates are the preferred format.) In 2011, Ontario MP Daryl Kramp introduced a bill that sought to bring the ISO 8601 date system to Canadian courts.

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Microclimates, which are small areas of varying weather conditions within larger zones, can be caused by local geography of the area such as hills and valleys as well as variations of solar and wind exposure.

Even buildings and pavement in urban areas can create relatively small microclimates that can potentially produce different gardening results.

07/04/01 could represent a date in 2001 or 2007, or maybe even 2004. It will be like this until 2012, a period that I call the Age of Great Confusion.

The digits can be confused with either the month or the day. Because of the problem I mentioned above with ‘10 March’, the problem will be especially severe from 2010-2012, a period I call the Age of Maximum Confusion.” It’s not like people hadn’t been trying to solve this problem in the past, though. the International Standards Organization (ISO) came up with a 33-page document describing a standard called “ISO 860”, that states that the international standard for dates is yyyy-mm-dd.

These frost dates reflect the average frost date for a region and may not be reliable in a particular year.

You may want to check with local gardeners for more accurate frost date information as there are many variables such as microclimates within an area can cause fluctuations of the frost dates listed below.In China, it would be 2015/06/08 and in some places, like India, you could toggle between 06/08/20/06/08. S., there is one country whose date-keeping stands out: Canada. From Prince Edward Island to Vancouver—you can pretty much write the date however you like. This obviously raises questions: how does this make sense?Do people really have no standard way of noting the days? The problem with date notation is that there really isn’t a right or wrong way to do it.In a prescient 1980 paper entitled, “On Holy Wars and a Plea for Peace,” famed computer engineer Danny Cohen writes (on endian-ness and dates), “We agree that the difference between sending eggs with the little- or the big-end first is trivial, but we insist that everyone must do it in the same way, to avoid anarchy.Since the difference is trivial we may choose either way, but a decision must be made.” To computer scientists, and people who think about the date too much, imprecision begets confusion, and confusion begets anarchy.The map above depicts the national date format standards for all countries that actually have these standards in place.

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