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Preview Thumbs - Hover your mouse Hover your mouse pointer over any broadcasters thumb and you'll be able to view the history thumbs of that broadcaster.


After all, that’s kind of the point of a roulette chat site!

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The key is to give the people who want to buy cameras better options, not just more of the same.

Fewer, but better cameras As a consumer and a reviewer, I truly dislike when manufacturers sell two nearly identical versions of the same product, a practice that's rampant in the point-and-shoot market.

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Entry-level compacts, aka point-and-shoots, have been hit hardest by phones and other devices with built-in cameras because at the low end they really don't offer a competitive advantage beyond a zoom lens.

It isn't until you get around 0 that you start to see better point-and-shoot cameras, though you can't go strictly by cost since many models are priced by features such as long zoom lenses and not photo quality or shooting performance.

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