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*** I was 15 the first time I visited Merchant Street, what some would call “the stroll” for trans women involved in street-based sex work.At the time, I had just begun medically transitioning and it was where younger girls, like my friends and myself, would go to hang out, flirt and fool around with guys and socialize with older trans women, the legends of our community."One was a girl from a good family who was homeschooled.

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"As a parent, I can sympathize and only imagine how horrible it is as a parent to have a child that has been subjected to this horrific crime," House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, R-Virginia, who worked to help bring attention to the measures, said at a news conference on Tuesday.

The Department of Justice will also honor seven people who helped rescue abused or missing children as part of its annual National Missing Children's Day commemoration on Wednesday.

She spent the next three years bouncing between this home, hotels in Las Vegas where she was rented out and the pimp's home."I found out that night that wasn't the thing to do.

I was told I couldn't do that 'cause I could have been kidnapped and held for ransom," Rhoades said.

Instead, 72 hours after she moved from Portland to San Francisco with them, she was held captive and forced to strip and have sex with men for money.

The home where she and the other women were held had a six-foot high fence topped with barbed wire, cameras on every corner, two pit bulls in the yard, and an alarm system which only the pimp knew how to fully disarm.

The majority of the women I idolized engaged in the sex trades at some time or another – some dabbled in video cam work and pornography, others chose street-based work and dancing at strip clubs (an option reserved for those most often perceived as cis).

These women were the first trans women I met, and I quickly correlated trans womanhood and sex work.

While the measures, which have bipartisan support, include a resolution condemning the kidnapping of more than 200 Nigerian schoolgirls by Boko Haram -- an armed terrorist group that has threatened to sell the girls into forced marriages -- the legislation also addresses exploitation much closer to home. Ann Wagner, R-Missouri, which would make it a federal crime for advertisers to knowingly allow those in the sex trade to sell children and adult trafficking victims on their pages and websites.

They also include a bill that would urge states to put laws in place that treat minors who have been sold for sex as victims when they are arrested, rather than as criminals.

The girl's mother pressed police, family, friends and anyone who would listen to her pleas for help.

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