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I cannot begin to describe how your guitar talks to me. The way the notes flowed perfectly with the rhythm while it still shreds, gave me something to live for.

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(laughs)" said Metallica lead singer and rhythm guitarist James Hetfield of Mozart's composition. [Laughs]""I guess we have only one thing left to do with 'Puppets'," said lead guitarist Kirk Hammett, "Release it into the public domain."Eighthnote also commented on how and why the work is different from previous Mozart works.

Mozart was probably feeling the pressures of the marketplace. He was looking for a whole new sound that would blow everybody away.

'veins that pump with fear' and 'needlework the way'. My drug of choice was meth not heroin or cocaine, but it still has me in tears because it somehow seems to speak about my old life. Mainly because of the lines "Taste me, you will see" and "Come crawling faster, obey your master."IT IS POSSIBLE FOR A SONG TO HAVE MORE THAN ONE MEANING. K, because the album art has dogtags on the graves doesn't mean it's refering to the title track.

Just listen to Disposable Heroes, another awesome song of the album that is most definently about war. "Chop your breakfast on a mirror," how could you take that as war? I never thought of it as being about drugs controlling that i know really, i can see how it does relate to drugs and such...before, when i would listen to this song i would think of an evil puppet master torturing his puppets and the puppets are in pain while this master just laughs in their face and gives em hell..This is a good song.

From the melancholy solo, scattered confusion, heart pounding, blood pumping anticipation, that precedes the RUSH, as you plunge more death into your veins.

No other song in existence, captures the essence of amphetamine addiction quite like this.Now all me and my friend have been learning every metallica song. If Kirk Hammett actually sees this I might just s--t myself.So a while ago I kinda noticed something about this song with the way the verse riff and vocal melody are structured.Metallica's "Master of Puppets" lineup was Hetfield, Hammett, late bassist Cliff Burton, and drummer Lars Ulrich.The current lineup is Hetfield, Hammet, Ulrich, and bassist Robert Trujilo. Something I've thought about, but haven't seen or heard being discussed.Hear the words, know their meaning, and change your life ! I believe it can relate to any drug to be honest...any drug that you can snort or inject.

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