Bow wow who is he dating now

It turns out that Chavis is dating Abou Thiam, the brother of mega rapper and producer Akon.

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This recent revelation has been received with mixed reactions from fans of Bow Wow and Kim Kardashian.

Some fans on Twitter have attacked the rapper for trying to get noticed.

Kim Kardashian West is still happily married to Kanye West amidst rumors of trouble in paradise in 2017.

Kim took to social media to show off her husband’s Christmas presents on Instagram silencing rumors of a possible divorce soon.

Rapper Bow Wow gave a CRAZY interview yesterday with the homies over at Hollywood Unlocked. If you have time, PLEASE listen to the whole einterview, it's great. *He said dudes mess up because they wife up the good girl to appease others when they know they really fuck with the "Nasty girls," so they should really just wife up the "Nasty Girls." That's why Erica got the ring and not anybody else. *He never saw the side of Erica that she portrays on TV. Basically confirmed that they were fucking, but he didn't want to say it because he respects Kanye.

Here are the CLIFFNOTES: *Spoke to Angela Simmons yesterday. *Everyone thinks that they were in this longterm relationship, but really they never were official. *He and Berg's beef isn't over Karrine or Joie. He had an interview with Angie Martinez, and she co-hosted.

Just as Bow Wow (whose real name is Shad Moss) has insisted that he's Team Joie, she's made it clear she doesn't plan on sparking a romance with him again.

And her boyfriend that she debuted on Instagram this week could be why.

In the report, Bow Wow alleges to have met Kim when he was hanging out with Paris Hilton.

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