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settled after another WWDC keynote, meaning we now know exactly what’s coming to i OS 10.

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What’s available now though, isn’t nearly as important as what’s going to be by the time i OS 10 is available this fall and beyond.

While the rumored i Message for Android didn’t materialize, Apple’s chat app did pick up a suite of sweet new features.

If someone asks where you are, for instance, Siri can tell them for you.

I really enjoy Apple News, but am also aware that in its current iteration it’s just a chopped salad of stories, jumbled up in no real relation to one another. Now, News sorts the news into sections that make sense, and also includes support for subscriptions.

This would be good for lots of uses and NOT just sex stuff.

And then, again, those third-party integrations show up.

Which, after Newsstand effectively shut down, is a major improvement for readers and publications alike.

Also: Breaking news notifications, because NYT doesn’t already send you enough of those. Although there’s not a ton new to say about it, aside from there’s an actual app now, called Home, from which you can control all of your smart home devices that have compatible apps.

Apple added a feature that shows you what’s on your display when you pick it up.

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