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I say scientific art because, while a lot is known about the technical aspects of SEO, there is a creative user-experience and design side to it as well.

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Each time you search, check off all the keywords and add them to your list, then download that list to a CSV with the “Download Selected Keywords” button.

We can’t just blindly choose these keywords, however.

Neither of these situations is ideal, which is why ecommerce keyword research is so important — it will ensure you target keywords that are fairly easy to rank for, have decent search volume and have high conversion rates.

But there is more to choosing keywords than simply looking at how difficult it is to rank or how many people search for it…To choose the best keywords possible, you also need to factor in buyer intent (aka “commercial intent”).

Oh, and it means giving your site visitors comparisons of your product to your competitors, so they don’t need to leave to do more research. For now, I just want you to understand one thing: If you are the best business for a customer to shop (and you do your SEO homework) you’ll claim the top positions. But I haven’t answered the most important question… Well, let’s say your store sells gifts for wiener dog lovers, like my client, The Smoothe Store.

Obviously, you would want to rank for a key term like “Dachshund gifts”.

We still need to understand search volume, difficulty and even buyer intent before we pick the ones we use in our store.

But for now, let’s talk about other ways to find more keyword ideas.

Now let’s assume you have a conversion rate of 10% (pretty low for a high buyer-intent keyword; more on buyer intent in the research section).

Ranking #1 for that keyword would score you an extra 385 sales per month! Most pages rank for multiple keywords, and most sites will rank multiple pages.

(Of course, this varies depending on the number of ads and the keyword, but for the most part it holds true.)And since ~95% of people don’t go past the first page, getting to the top of the line is the only way to get real results.

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