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I can cope with the mental effects of anxiety quite well now, and in some situations where I used to feel it I just don't any more. Sometimes I'll suddenly start sweating profusely on the bus, I'll feel fine, but my body is in panic mode and ready to gtfo at any second. Welcome to /r/COMPLETEANARCHY, the coolest refuge of anarchism on reddit! This subreddit was made for anarchists of all stripes to be able to escape from tankies and liberalism and be free to make fun of spooks and hierarchies in peace.

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Hamilton said he made his way down from the Mountain and within 15 minutes, had deployed 30 officers including officers from the ACTION team, a SWAT team, as well as police dogs and mounted units.

By the time police got on scene, the mob had dispersed, Hamilton said, shedding clothing as they went to blend in with the crowd in the area that night.

The police say we ran from them, but I didn't see a single f--king cop after they were chased off up on Aberdeen."To all the undoubtedly sincere and principled anti-capitalists on the internet who wonder why the Starbucks didn't get smashed but all the poor, sweet small businesses did, it's only because it was just a bit too far north.

My one regret from the evening."Investigators have also said they are aware of the blog post. Paul Hamilton told reporters at a news conference Monday afternoon that he got a call about what was going on at p.m.

We're all plenty familiar with Baby, I'm an Anarchist by , many of us not only enjoy the song but live this in most every relationship we've been in. (the "you guys" tells me the Midwest/Great-Lakes)And Id honestly recommend Ok Cupid, it has the most weirdos in the good sense of the word as well as the bad.

If you can find yourself someone that can match your political/social ideals, then by all means go for it. I've been in that vicious cycle for most of my life. She has been rather receptive to discussing Emma Goldman, a personal hero to both of us for very different reasons. It helps being a lady though, men definitely don't do as well. For anyone interested in the actual data behind how well women do on Ok Cupid compared to men, from OKcupid itself: moved to a large city with an active leftist political scene and involved myself with groups that reflect my ideologies.

A new post on a regional anarchist blog may shed some light into the motivations behind Saturday night's riot.

The anonymous post claims to be from a person who was involved in the incident.

that night, while the crowd was moving down Aberdeen Avenue.

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