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Or, as the book breezily states, “The purpose of ‘The Rules’ is to make Mr.

Right obsessed with having you as his by making yourself seem unattainable.” The theme of “The Rules” that was repeated again and again was the idea that love equates possession.

Some two million women in 27 countries bought their advice.

Take that away and they’re devastated.” While she and Fein “believe in equality in the workplace, men and women are different romantically”.

Their advice was old-fashioned even in the Nineties — the germ of came to Fein and Schneider via a friend’s grandmother, and they followed it themselves.

“We never thought feminism meant being able to chase a guy. Our strength is quiet and powerful: it doesn’t come from being aggressive, but from managing relationships.” It hasn’t been as smooth for Fein. She and Fein must hate Lena Dunham’s drama , featuring a group of twenty-something Brooklyn women in vintage dresses having rubbish sex.

She divorced her first husband Paul Feingertz, citing abandonment, in 2000 after 16 years of marriage; she has a daughter aged 21 (“She grew up naturally doing . He thought it was cute and funny.” “We have a lot of clients who are divorced and we help them to remarry,” says Schneider brightly. “And if a man doesn’t like your look, he’ll leave you for a girl whose look he does like,” Fein says. “If a woman does what she wants — whether talking to a guy or eating a piece of cake — it is the antithesis of discipline,” Schneider says. “They think they have all the time in the world,” says Schneider.

“You can be married, then want a different kind of husband. “Many women are doing what they want and failing miserably, having one-night stands and so on. “You’ll sleep with guys, get hurt, but you won’t lose fertility years. — and then having sex with a guy who didn’t respect her. The problem is women think they can do in the romantic arena what they do in a corporate arena.

You may want a mover and shaker at 25 and a soulmate at 40.” But whatever age their client, she will be advised to have long, straight hair. In your thirties it’s suicide to do that.” “They break every Rule,” Fein roared. It was like watching a funeral.” Schneider’s 16-year-old daughter knows The Rules “instinctively”, she says. Women go on dates and ask men their astrological sign, his five-year plan, ‘here’s my phone number and e-mail’, tell him about past relationships, losing a job: the date becomes therapy. Men will marry the girl who doesn’t give them the time of day.” What’s feminist about insisting on short skirts and busty tops? Until he proposes he has the power to hurt you by never calling, by sleeping with you and never calling.

Fein says that if : respect yourself, respect your body.” She has pinpointed The Rules’ best resonance. You want him to fall in love with your soul.” Never accept business cards, says Fein, you might be tempted to call him: “They must take your number.” Men call when they are ready, Schneider says. “We know what works with men,” says Schneider, with a shrug. Even if he has no money and you have a mansion he should take you out for pizza.” If you’re suppressing the real you, that’s not good. “These women are like Samantha in girls aren’t Rules girls. Men can be cruel, not because they want to be — they just don’t love you.” Gay and lesbian readers are advised in the Rules books to do the same as straight women.

“You can sleep with a guy on a first date, but afterwards don’t ask ‘Am I gonna hear from you? “Clinginess does damage.” Ideally, when should you sleep with him? “By the time the guy proposes or says ‘I love you, we’re exclusive’, you can share more,” Schneider says. But as that is so gender-and hetero-specific it doesn’t follow.

“We’re not being manipulative, we’re being our best selves,” Schneider trills.

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